Best Tips On Caring For Your Lawn Without Drama

Mowing the lawn is not as simple as it seems: it is an art. One wrong step and you are in front of a grass problem which can haunt your nightmares and take up virtually all your free time. Learn how to be effective and care for your green place as best as possible without making a drama out of it.

Have a mowing plan

When they start lawn mowing, most people just pick a corner and then go up and down, until the entire space is well cut. This is OK, but you can do it better: just cut a round collar, paying attention to the flower bed, and then continue to cut inside it.

Don’t rush the lawn

Lawn mowing is something which needs to be made at a steady pace, not too slow, yet not too fast. If you rush the job you will end up with uneven patches, shearing and areas of uncut grass, as tall or wet grass manages to escape the knifes. Slow down and do the job at a medium pace if you want to have a well groomed garden.

Direction, please

Grass grows in the direction it was cut, so you want to follow a different pattern each week or whatever is your mowing schedule. This will encourage the grass to grow even and upwards, as well as thick and healthy. Visit 

Eyes up all the time

When you mown the lawn you should be looking ahead, not right down. This trick ensures you go in a straight way, not wobbling around the garden.

Trim with both hands

A typical house owner will operate the trimmer with one hand only: if he’s right-handed, he will be walking sideways or backwards, losing time. To make this more time effective, just grab the trimmer handle with the left hand and walk forwards to end up with a cleaner job.

One pass garden landscaping Nedlands

Most people are used to trim and edge in separate trips, which is boring and time consuming. To make this easier, just hold the string-trimmer head vertically and cut a clean edge, then turn it horizontally to trim the bushes. Finding a one pass way around the garden helps a lot when you have to trim without backtracking.

Dad’s advice

Your parents will advise you to trim the garden edges first, as this will put the clippings in the mower’s way. The advice is not bad, yet you can cut the time if you swap the timing of the two operations. Mow first, then trim and enjoy your fresh and well groomed garden.