4 Things To Worry About When Moving To A New Apartment

So you are moving to a new apartment. It’s an exciting and a terrifying prospect at the same time. You will obviously be excited to move to a new place and start a new career or a life. Also, there’s some trepidation associated with places you are unfamiliar with. It’s only natural to worry when you are all by yourself at a new location. But don’t waste time worrying about unnecessary things. Here are five things you should really worry about with solutions provided:

1. Getting Locked Out

It’s surprisingly normal for new tenants to get locked out of their apartments. There are several reasons for this. One, unlike the old key, you might keep the new key in a new place and easily misplace it. Also, the landlord or another party could give you an old key that no longer work. Some landlords also change locks after the old tenants move out. The point is, your chances of getting locked out are high at a new apartment. Therefore, keep your new keys in the same place as your old ones for the sake of remembering. Also, have the number of a residential locksmith at hand just in case.

2. Neighbourhood Safety

As a tenant, you should have researched the neighbourhood your move into in advance. But the internet and newspapers can reveal only so much about a place. There will be plenty of new things to learn about the neighbourhood and the floor you have moved to. Your biggest concern would be safety. The best way to stay safe is to be friendly with your neighbours. They will be familiar with the area and will warn you if something or someone bad comes around.

3. Leaky Walls or Clogged Drains

Even if you have thoroughly checked the apartment before moving in, there are bound to be new things you discover after you have moved in. A wall might have mould at a spot you have missed. The drains in the kitchen could be clogged. The windows might leak when it rains. You won’t be able to fix all such problems on your own. Therefore, have numbers of local handymen, 24 hour locksmith and plumbers ready by the time you move in.

4. Lost Items

The last thing you want is lost items when you move in. It’s easy to misplace precious boxes during the moving process. Therefore, have all boxes clearly labelled before loading them onto the moving van. Make sure to keep precious items in your hand luggage.
Use the above suggestions to feel at home in your new apartment right away.