3 Mistakes You Make When Feeding Your Dog

Being a good parent to your pet dog or cat can be as hard as parenting your own child. You need to be educated about the right ways to take care of your beloved pet. Having a sound knowledge about the correct food and feeding habits that you should administer to your dog is extremely important. Most of us tend to be a little careless when feeding our dog, purely out of our love for them. What we don’t realize is that the smallest slip in judgment when choosing the appropriate food for our pets can harm them in numerous ways.

Human food

Most of us consider our dogs to be a part of our family. Therefore, we let them cuddle next to us on the sofa while we watch our favourite TV show and reserve a place for them on a modern rugs Brisbane by our dining table. In instances like this, we may unknowingly feed our dog an abundance of human food. In most cases, it’s their pleading puppy dog eyes that compel us to share whatever we are eating with them. Little do we know that food like cheese, nuts and even certain fruits like avocado, are extremely toxic to our dogs. If you really want to give your dog something to eat while he stares at your food with a look of pure

despair, giving him some healthy dog treats might be the better choice for his well being.


It may seem unbelievable that milk is harmful to the health of dogs. The issue is not that milk is in anyway toxic to our furry friends. Instead, dogs do not contain the enzymes necessary to break down the substances in milk that helps them digest it properly. This is why most dogs tends to be lactose intolerant. The milk that they acquire from their dog moms has a special formula that is healthy for them. If you want to continue giving them milk for the first few months of their life, you can do so by getting the right type of carpet. Similar to healthy dog treats, the market provides healthy dog milk. This is a type of milk that has been formulated to match the composition of natural dog milk.


We may feel like what we feed our dog is never really enough. Dogs would generally eat anything we give them at any time, no matter how hungry or not they are. Therefore, if your dog eats up every refill you give him, it does not imply that you are not feeding him enough. Too much food can be highly detrimental to your dog’s health in the long run. Dogs that are overweight have a higher tendency to catch many diseases than those who are of average weight. Therefore, consult your dog’s vet about the correct amount of food that should be administered to him on a daily basis, and stick to it.